Saturday, September 15, 2012

Alice Glass

Alice Glass was born in August 1988[1] in Toronto, Ontario. At the age of 14 she ran away to live in a squat community of punks, yet continued going to school and also started an all-girl crust-noise band Fetus Fatale.[2] After going to a Fetus Fatale show, Ethan Kath, impressed by her performance, gave her CD-Rs with 60 instrumental tracks of which she chose 5 to write vocals for. Alice Glass and Ethan Kath went to a recording studio to record the 5 songs and unknown to the band, the microphone check before the session was secretly recorded by the engineer, who later presented the band with a CD-R with 6 tracks. This 6th extra track was discovered by London UK's Merok Records who went on to release the track as the band's first vinyl single, "Alice Practice", despite Glass not knowing the track existed or what it sounded like, and named for the fact Alice was literally just practicing while the engineer set his levels.[3][4]
In 2008, before the band's interview with Now Magazine, Alice disappeared and neither Ethan nor the band's manager could contact her.[5] Crystal Castles was infamously shut down at Glastonbury 2008 after Glass climbed a speaker stand just before "Alice Practice" and was swallowed by the crowd during "Yes No".[6]
In March 2008 Alice broke two of her ribs in a car accident. Doctors instructed her to take at least six weeks off to allow time to heal but she continued the tour, performing a twenty minute set within days of the accident.[1]
On November 2 2010 Alice injured her ankle during a show in Spain. In Tokyo on 18 January 2011, Alice fell and put strain on the unhealed ankle injury, causing her ankle to break. The injury forced Alice to perform 5 months worth of shows on crutches.[7]

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